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 Some Crusader Kings 2 Event Images that I worked on at Paradox -

Even tough it might look vicious, the Green Grappler's ("Crinis Nasus"), diet largly consist of tropical jungle fruit. It moves through the jungle like a big sleepy bear, using its snout-tentacles to search for fallen fruit or other eatables on the forest floor. Its sense of smell is excellent, and even though its eysight is not the best, it makes up for it by combining smell and the sensetive tentacles to feel and smell its way through the forest. 

While the claws are good defence and deterrent against the smaller predators of the jungle, their main purpose is to assist the Grappler in getting fruit directly from the trees. Rearing on its backlegs it simly uses its big curved claws to hook into the tree trunks for stability, making retrival of the fruit a simple task.

- Unknown Xenobiologist.

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